This program is intended for any pup parents who have recently adopted a dog over 1 year of age. Bringing an adult dog into your home often poses its own unique challenges that are different from those of puppies or adult dogs who have lived in the same environment since they were puppies.


Rescue pups don't always fall into my puppy program but also don't necessarily fall into my consultation program either. For this reason I have created the rescue pup program which blends the relevant information from each of the other programs while also providing some additional information and guidance unique to rescue pups. 

What's Included

  1. Training Modules:

    1. Basic Obedience 

      1. Sit

      2. Lay down

      3. Stay

      4. Come

      5. Wait

      6. Off

      7. Leave it

      8. Give/Drop it

      9. Touch

      10. Watch me​

    2. Potty Training Guide

    3. How-To: Crate Training

    4. Instructions for Loose-Leash Walking

    5. How to Socialize Your Pup

    6. Common Behavior Problems

      1. Play Biting, Jumping, and Barking

      2. Bewitching Hour

      3. Separation Anxiety

      4. Leash Reactivity

      5. Proper Door Behaviors

    7. Learning Games to Practice Skills

   2. Six Weekly Progress Sessions

       Pricing: $650 - $700