Recommended Products

This page provides a list of products I Recommend to clients 

For Walks

Freedom No-Pull Harness

This harness helps prevent pulling using a front lead attachment. It also has velvet straps uner the arms to prevent chafing. 

6 Foot Leash

This leash has multiple handles allowing you to have better control of the length, shock absorbing bungee chord between the top and lower handles, and a waist belt with attached treat pouch.

Shock Absorber

This bungee leash extension helps to absorb the shock if your dog pulls. It is not intended to stop pulling but rather protects your arm from being jerked while you are still training. 

For Training

Long Lead

This lead comes in a 15ft and 30ft version and is great for practicing recall. The handle also has a clip that allows you to easily wrap it around something to use as a tie out. 

Treat Pouch

This treat pouch has one handed access with a magnetic closure, a waterproof lining, a small front pocket, and can be worn on the belt it comes with or clipped to your own belt or pants. 

Bixbi Training Treats

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Icelanic+ Training Treats 

Ethical, environmental, and tracible dog treats using pure ingredients from Iceland with zero additives, fillers, supplements, or preservatives. 

Chippin Training Treats 

Environmentally conscious treats that use crickets as a protein source to decrease our carbon pawprint.  

Chews and Toys


This brand provides high quality bones, antlers, himalayan yak chews, bullysticks, and more. It's a great place to get long lasting products that your dog will love to chew on. 


This monthly subscription is great for dogs that are strong chewers. You are able to customize your box based on what materials stand up to your dog. 

WagWell Box

This monthly subscription box comes with organic, eco friendly toys, treats, and chews. 


These toys are great for dogs that like soft plush materials. They also have various hide-and-seek burrow toys for dogs that like to pull toys apart. 


These toys have several layers of materials and stitching to stand up to tough pups. They are a good option for dogs that like soft materials but destroy every toy you buy.


These toys are made from 100% natural rubber and come with a lifetime safety guarentee.


These toys have a woven mesh exterior with several layers of fabric and stitching to hold up to dogs that play ruff.


Nina Ottossom

Puzzle games and toys to exercise your dog's mind in addition to their body. 

Trixie Activities

Puzzle games and toys to exercise your dog's mind in addition to their body

Snuffle Mat

Combines mental stimulation and environmental enrichment by engaging your dogs sense of smell as they snuffle their way through their meal or treats. 

Kong Stuffers

These toys give your dog an outlet for their instinct to chew and also help you dog to settle and calm themselves.

Flirt Pole

This is a great toy to help your dog get out some physical energy without exhausting yourself. It is also a great way to combine training and play by working on impulse control.

Chuck it

This brand makes high quality, durable toys of various shapes and sizes to entertain your dog in games of fetch. 

Lick Mat

This lick mat can help reduce stress and anxiety through the natural act of licking. It is freezer safe and has a quadrant design for various flavors. 



This GPS tracker hooks onto your dog's collar and also monitors activity, sleep quality, and more.

Dig Defence

This barrier extends below your fence to prevent you dog from digging their way out (and other animals from digging their way in).


Petcube camera is a great way to keep an eye on your dog when you are not home and to see what their behavior is like when you are not there. 

Bully Beds

Large orthopedic dog beds with chew resistant options  that have a 200 day warrantee.

Pet Hair Remover

This pet hair removal brush works on furniture like a lint roller does on clothes, but without the need throw away used strips of sticky paper.