This Puppy Program is designed to provide you with all the knowledge and tools necessary to teach your puppy the basics of potty training, loose leash walking, socialization, and basic obedience in order to promote good behavior. Being your dog’s teacher will allow you and your dog to form a strong relationship in which your dog looks to you for instruction and cues on what behavior is/is not acceptable. This program also addresses common puppy problems and includes fun games that can be used to practice their skills. 

What's Included?

  1. Modules:

    1. Basic Obedience Training

      1. Sit

      2. Lay down

      3. Stay

      4. Come

      5. Wait

      6. Off

      7. Leave it

      8. Give/Drop it

      9. Touch

      10. Watch me​

    2. Potty Training Guide

    3. How-To: Crate Training

    4. Instructions for Loose-Leash Walking

    5. How to Socialize Your Pup

    6. How to Address Common Puppy Problems

      1. Puppy biting/nipping/mouthing

      2. Jumping/Barking

      3. Puppy Bewitching Hour

    7. Games to Practice Skills

  2. Six Weekly Progress Sessions

       Pricing : $650 - $700