The Basic Obedience Packaged is designed to provide you with all the knowledge and tools necessary to teach your dog basic commands and promote good behavior. This package is intended for puppies as well as newly adopted dogs regardless of age. Learning basic obedience will help start you and your new furry family member off on the right foot with a good foundation! This package can also be useful for dogs who may not be new to the home but could use some help learning good manners!


This is a digital download that will be available as a PDF once purchased.

Included in the Basic Obediance Package:

  • Introduction

  • Important Concepts/Terms

  • Access to Instructional Videos

  • Training Cheat Sheet

  • Skill Acquisition Tracking Form

  • Instruction Sheets for Teaching


    Lay Down





    Leave It



  • Unlimited Contact via Email for Questions/Concerns


For more information see the Basic Obediance page

Basic Obedience Package