Get individualized help to change your dog’s bad behavior!

Behavior consultations are for...

Individuals seeking help dealing with their dog’s maladaptive behaviors. Every dog is different and it is therefore impossible to have an effective “one plan fits all” approach to training. Your dog engages in behaviors for a specific reason and in order to change that behavior we must first know what that reason is. For example, a dog engaging in excessive barking for attention will be treated differently than a dog engaging in excessive barking to escape or avoid human interaction. An Intake form will be sent with questions that will help me to determine the function of your dog’s behavior. Additionally, an optional facetime session will be available for further discussion and behavioral observation. This information will then be used to write up a behavior intervention plan outlining how to address the problem behavior. Common problems I have addressed include jumping, pulling on the leash, food aggression, dog aggression, excessive barking, etc.

Every consultation is tailored to the unique needs of each dog and their human! 

What is included in the Behavior Consultation Bundle?

  1. Intake Form

  2. Important Concepts/Terms

  3. Behavior Tracking Sheet

  4. Recommended Products

  5. Personalized Behavior Plan

    • Definition of the target behavior

    • Summary of the function of the behavior

    • Specific Intervention(s) and instructions on how to implement them

    • Additional information if applicable

  6. Instructions for Teaching Necessary Basic Commands

  7. Games to Help Practice Skills

  8. Optional FaceTime Session

  9. Unlimited contact via email to address ongoing questions/concerns.