Learn the basic commands necessary to promote good behavior and how to teach them.

The basic obedience packaged is...

designed to provide you with all the knowledge and tools necessary to teach your dog basic commands and promote good behavior. Being your dog’s teacher will allow you and your dog to form a strong relationship in which your dog looks to you for instruction and cues on what behavior is/is not acceptable. Knowledge of basic commands will give you more control ensuring the safety of both your dog and those with whom he/she interacts.

Who Can

Benefit from This Package?

The Basic Obedience Package is intended for puppies as well as newly adopted dogs regardless of age. Learning basic obedience will help start you and your new furry family member off on the right foot with a good foundation! This package can also be useful for dogs who may not be new to the home but could use some help learning good manners! If your dog has specific behavioral problems please see the Behavior Package which will be better suited to your dogs individual needs.

What is included in the

Basic Obedience Package?

  1. Introduction 

  2. Important Concepts/Terms

  3. List of Recommended Products

  4. Access to instructional videos

  5. Training Cheat Sheet

  6. Skill Acquisition Tracking Form

  7. Unlimited contact via email to help with any questions/concerns

  8. Instruction Sheets for Teaching

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