Receive professional advice on how to train your puppy, adult, or senior dog!

Benefits to Online Training

Train your dog at home on your own schedule!

With online training we teach YOU how to teach your dog enabling you to take charge in training sessions. Additionally, because the training is conducted by you in your dogs own environment there is no need to generalize skills learned from the trainer to you and from the class environment to the home environment. With traditional training, pet parents will often report that their dog only listens to the trainer. With Paw-some Behavior you learn to be your dogs trainer therefore eliminating this problem and increasing the bond between you and your dog.


Learn the basic commands necessary to promote good behavior and how to teach them



Get individualized help to change your dog’s bad behavior!

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My name is Courtney Goodman and I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). I received my Bachelors degree in Developmental Psychology from The College of New Jersey and I earned my Masters Degree in Applied Psychology focusing in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) from Rider University. Behavior Analysis is the scientific study of principles of learning and behavior. Applied Behavior Analysis is a systematic approach used to examine behavior and reliably related environmental variables in order to use behavioral techniques to bring about a desired change in behavior. 

My initial experience in the field of behavioral psychology focused on individuals with autism who exhibited severe problem behaviors. While I loved working with this population I found that I also had a strong passion for working with animals and I decided to use my education not only to help humans but to help animals as well. 

My experience in working with dogs includes using reinforcement techniques to teach new behaviors (such as sit, lay down, stay, wait, paw, etc.) as well as to decrease problem behaviors (such as pulling on a leash, jumping, food aggression, etc.). This is achieved by teaching positive replacement behaviors for the maladaptive behaviors (such as "easy" on a leash, "off" when jumping, and "wait" with food). These changes in behavior are brought about by using shaping techniques and differential reinforcement including positive reinforcement of appropriate behaviors in the form of praise and edibles combined with withholding of reinforcement for inappropriate behaviors.



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Please contact me with any questions you may have and/or to discuss services!




I am located in Yardley, PA and serve any location across the U.S.

*For individuals that live in Yardley, PA and the surrounding area in person sessions are also available. Email me to set up an appointment!